More Flowers Delivers More Flowers


Please Read the below information regarding placing an order online.  To order online, click on any of the options at the bottom of this page.  We are still being Covid conscious here as things slowly get back to a new normal.
All deliveries are going to be "Drop and Dash", and with Minimal and Masked contact!  We text and or call ahead on ALL orders to be sure the recipients are at home, explain our delivery protocols, let them know we are on the way, and that we will ring the bell upon arrival, set the flowers at the door, and call or text and say we did so, if we don't see someone grabbing them.  Business deliveries will mostly involve double checking the recipient will be at work.  We are making exceptions when a recipient is unable to pick the flowers up or carry them into their home.  Pick ups are curbside only, as we are only allowing staff into the shop.  No walk-ins at this time either, so all orders must to be preplanned. 
WHEN PLACING AN ORDER ONLINE, PLEASE GIVE US THE RECIPIENT'S CELL PHONE NUMBER ON THE ORDER FORM, AND DON'T FILL IT IN WITH YOUR NUMBER, UNLESS YOU ARE GOING TO BE AT THE LOCATION YOURSELF WHEN WE DELIVER!  WE TEXT / CALL AHEAD ON ALL ORDERS!!  Also, Please Please Please be sure your recipient is in town and around before setting up your order.  It happens far too often to believe, that the order is ready to go, and when we text / call the recipient the morning of their delivery, they say they are out of town for the week.
If you are trying to place an order on a specific day, and the website won't let you, it generally means we have blacked out delivery for that day because we are "full up" for the day, or sometimes because there aren't enough flowers in the cooler.  But, it's always worth calling the shop number to see if we are still able to do an order either for pick up or possibly add one more delivery!
Please know we continue to be short staffed, so there is only so many orders we can deliver each day.  We often fill up a day or 2 before, so ordering early is always your best bet.  Generally we leave on delivery one time per day, so once the delivery run is out, you will have missed the "flower boat" until the next day.  You might consider a curbside pick up if you are calling or trying to set up an order after 9 AM.  Again, it's always worth a call to the shop to see how we can fit you into our schedule.   
Leave it to us!  Our customers usually tell us to just do our thing.  Our selection varies day to day and season to season, but the cut flower arrangements are always Lush and Full, Bright and Colorful.  For 35 years we have worked with the best growers and suppliers available.  Trust us to deliver a cut flower arrangement that will thrill the recipient!  Of course, don't hesitate to let us know of any special colors or combination, and we will do our very best to accommodate.