More Flowers Delivers More Flowers

The Field Flowers are Amazing!  Veronica, Mint, Rudbeckia, Scabiosa, Feverfew, Solidago, Bells of Ireland, Dianthus, and Red Hot Pokers (Kniphofia) on the Way!  And one of my best Local Growers, has been experimenting, or should I say perfecting, Locally Grown Mini Calla Lilies!  Yes, I thought spring was my favorite flower time, but I keep changing my mind... Summer has brought on an amazing selection of Local Flowers!  Let me do my thing!  
Leave it to us!  Our customers usually tell us to just do our thing.  Our selection varies day to day and season to season, but the cut flower arrangements are always Lush and Full, Bright and Colorful.  For 30 years we have worked with the best growers and suppliers available.  Trust us to deliver a cut flower arrangement that will thrill the recipient!  Of course, don't hesitate to let us know of any special colors or combination, and we will do our very best to accommodate.