About Us

More Flowers delivers cut flower arrangements throughout the Metro Denver area. Our arrangements are tight and full, lush and colorful, cut flowers in glass cylinders mostly.  We use flowers from California, South America, Holland, Hawaii, and when available locally grown in Colorado . We mostly source our flower selection as directly to the growers as feasible, making it possible for us to have the freshest top quality product and excellent prices. 

Most customers select their arrangement size and just leave the rest to us. Vases are overflowing with flowers, very little foliage, unusual blends, and very colorful.  Our minimum arrangement for delivery is $110 plus tax and delivery.  We deliver Monday through Friday, and are closed on Saturday and Sunday.  Delivery charges generally range from $18.50 to $55.00.  Some of the furthest out metro locations will have even higher delivery charges.  Please don't hesitate to call us first, if you have any questions or want to know what the delivery charge will be for your chosen location.

If your order is out of our delivery range, you will see "Long Distance Delivery Will Be Sent Through Another Flower Shop", and we will place the order through our consortium of fine flower shops. The suggested minimum for orders through this service is $175 plus tax and delivery.  We will often call you regarding these orders, if we have any questions or for your approval, first.

We always make contact with the recipient by text or a phone call before attempting delivery for many reasons.  Please be sure to provide the recipient's cell phone number, as we text first, since nobody answers their phones anymore.  We do not just leave flowers at recipient's doors without their permission and weather permitting.

Orders must be placed online for next day delivery by 3pm!  You can also select dates further out, but same day is no longer an option for online orders.  You can call the shop number at 303-477-0947 to see, if by chance, we can still do a same day delivery, but usually that's not possible for us at this time.  Often, though, we can get something made up for a same day pick up.  It's best to plan your order at least a couple of days early.  If you are unable to select a delivery date when placing an online order, that means the date has been blocked off.  It's either because we are at capacity for any given day, the flower selection is not up to par, we have delayed incoming flower arrivals, or we are taking a day off.

Some Background

I am David Lang, and I opened More Flowers in 1986.  I graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in horticulture and a concentration in business management.  Most of my training was in greenhouse growing of cut flowers when I was at school.  I came from a background of family members owning their own businesses, so I always knew I would also have my own business.  It didn't take very long out of college to realize that I wasn't really that interested in being a cut flower grower, and preferred the post production part of the business.  I loved being surrounded by an abundance of flowers, and particularly tropical and exotic flowers.  The more unusual the better!  

My original business plan was to be a wholesaler of exotic flowers to local flower shops in the Denver metro area.  The first 10 years of my business, I struggled to maintain a wholesale business.  I often found I was playing banker to most of my customers, and decided that I would build on the retail aspect of what I had going, and allow the wholesale portion to wane.  The retail was a great success, and has built up over the years.  Some of my customers go back more than 30 years, which makes me very proud.

We used to take on every order possible, but luckily over time, we have become more specialized in what we do best.  Our most popular offering is one up flower arrangement deliveries.  We still do some party work and events, but when I turned 50, I gave myself the gift of never having to do another wedding.  Nothing makes me happier than a day of making unique and beautiful flower arrangements for birthdays, anniversaries, love, get well, romance, and sympathy.  I really enjoy creating unique free form combinations of flowers that make people smile and feel happy.